அறிஞர் அண்ணாவின் கட்டுரைகள்


The Tamilian Leaders are locked up!

The press is either gagged or deliberately misled.

The public are kept in a state of shock and scare.

And Mr. Bhandaranaike has scored the usual victory on the floor of the House of Representatives.

The bill to oust Tamil practically, has been passed, and the Sinhalese language has become the single, superb national and official language of Ceylon.

"You are doomed to be the serfs here" said the Sinhalese extremists, and casting away the garb of compromise, Mr. Bhandaranaike has translated into action the fond wishes of those whom he formerly dubbed as 'fanatics'. There is not doubt about the fact, that he would be hailed as the Saviour of the Sinhalese language and race. Much encomium would be poured forth, and Mr. Bhanda would be in the happiest of moods.

Having got himself power, by parading his leanings towards Socialism, Mr. Bhanda had the astuteness to find out that, to be a in undisputed power, he should cajole the extremists. And he has done the dirty job in as thorough a manner as Stryjdom of Africa.

The House of Representatives met to discuss this vital matter, but the chosen representatives of the Tamilians, were kept under house arrest.

Mr. Bhandaranaike announced to an astounded world that normal conditions have returned—and he did not think that it is necessary at least to substantiate his statement he should release those who were kept under house arrest. Defiant in his attitude, dogged in his purpose, Bhandaranaike he carried out his diabolical scheme, for, he knows full well that the Tamilians there and elsewhere, have fallen on evil days and evil tongues.

"Oh! These Tamilians! They could boast about a hoary past. But now, there is none to champion their cause, defend their right, " Such would have been the thoughts surging up in the mind of this Stryjdom of Ceylon. For, did he not witness the shameful sight of the President of the T.N.C.C., condemning the Tamilians and offering justification for the dastardly deeds perpetrated by the Sinhalese government? No wonder that Bhanda got the stout heart and steely sinews! The Tamilians happen to be a minority in the island, and their kith and kin in Tamil Nad are kept under the leadership of men, devoid of even the most elementary principles of humanity. And why should Bhandaranaike, hesitate to carry out any cruel and unjust measure?

The Tamilian leaders would certainly have raised their voice of protest on the floor of the House of Representatives. But they were kept under lock and key, and this democrat who did not stoop to do things that dictators would hesitate to undertake, undertook to discuss the measure! What a cruel mockery of the democratic process! And how deftly has he deformed democracy! But, who is there to question this doughty warrior? The Tamilians are there undefended. And the Sinhalese fanatics are there brandishing their daggers!

Betray Not the Tamilians

Had there been a protest, a query, a sigh, a tear from the powers-that-be here, when Tamilians in Ceylon were butchered, their shops looted and when savagery went to the length of molestation of women—then perhaps would Bhanda have thought it prudent to adopt milder methods. But, no! The Madras government, thought that the problem was 'foreign'—and the Central government thought that it was purely and primarily a Ceylon problem! So both kept mum and left Bhanda to carry on! And he did it with a gusto!

The bill came up for discussion. A bill affecting the honour and self-respect, rights and future of the Tamilians there, and yet, the chosen representatives and the sober champions of the Tamilians were not in the House—they were under arrest! Most other parties opposed to the ministerial party, did not care to take part in the discussion. In fact it is stated that only four out of the forty six members of the opposition took part in the discussion. Mr.Bhanda scored a victory, and the Sinhalese press and pulpit was naturally jubilant,
When thus the Tamilians in Ceylon, were robbed of their elementary rights, Mr. Kamaraj, the one and only stalwart amongst Tamilians, was busy touring Tirunelveli District enlightening the people on the very delicate subject of coir industry!

He had not a single suggestion to offer, a single word conveying his opinion about such an event! His geographical knowledge allows him not to gaze beyond Remeshwaram, and his history is so sound and profound that he remembers only his rise to power and the means he had to adopt, and the allies he had to seek. No other event seems to be of any importance to this successful politician.

The Tamilians are shedding their blood and tears in Ceylon, and the one and only Tamilian of stature, integrity and acumen, is busy amusing audiences here by an abundant exhibition of the his knowledge in the politico-social field.

No other leader could be so adamant in ignoring such an issue of vital importance.

"The fact is that the bill denies the Tamils the elementary rights they possess as rightful citizens of Ceylon, a citizenship of which they are proud and which by their energy and skill they have made something to be proud of.

"The only result of the Bill taken in conjunction with the Official Language Act will be to strengthen Sinhalese fanaticism and obscurantism."

So comments the 'Mail' editorially and it is not a daily that would rush in haste to offer remarks.

The deed is there and the danger inherent in that move, is explicit.

Either the Tamilians there, are to become the hewers of wood and drawers of water willingly, and become the scum of the earth, or they have to stand to demand justice and fairplay —at least till they are shot down dead. There is as is well-known, enough determination and valour in the minds of the Tamilians there.

But, are they to be left in the lurch?

Should the Tamilians, democrats, those who place the minimum value at least on principles of justice—are these men of character to look unconcerned at the sorrowful spectacle, over there?

The T.N.C.C. met at Kanyakumari not to denounce the diabolical deeds perpetrated by the Bhanda Regime—not even to discuss measures for bringing forth concord and peace there—but just to request the Central government to step in to see, that adequate compensation is paid to those Tamilians who had to undergo untold sufferings at the hands of the fanatics, during those terrific days of riot, loot, arson and rape.

The T.N.C.C. had the guts to go only so far and no further.

It had the guts to pass resolutions couched in words of flame and fury, about the Portuguese atrocity at Goa! But when the Tamilians are being butchered the T.N.C.C. fumbles and falters and becomes the mendicant!

It is stated, that when some Tamilians from Ceylon, discussed this problem with the Chief Minister of our State, he placed before them his position.

"I am powerless,"—it is stated, our Chief Minister explained, "only the Central government can do anything in this matter,"

When those who discussed with the chief, pointed out, that his word would carry its own weight, it is said, the chief replied promptly, "for that I should cast away the Khadar shirt"

Thus argues the stalwart—and it is far this 'courage' that he is being extolled to the skies.

But, the public have got a right to—and in fact they do—look towards other parties and individuals, whose vision is not dimmed by power mongering, to come forward to champion the cause of the Tamilians.

That does not necessarily mean, demanding a Tamil Raj comprising Tamil Nad and that portion of Ceylon wherein Tamilians are in a majority.

The task immediately ahead is to focus public attention on this problem.

World opinion should be harnessed to the cause for justice and fairplay.

The plight of the Tamilians in Ceylon should be placed before the discerning public, all over the world.

Lebanon and Iraq, Jordan and Iran have become 'problems' to be discussed in Tamil Nad but the undemocratic; and inhuman treatment meted out to the Tamilians in Ceylon, is being studiously ignored or mischievously misinterpreted.

All those who are interested in the salubrious principles of democracy, should come forward to champion a cause, noble and of utmost importance.

When once the public conscience is aroused, the State government dare not persist in the sheepish method—it will be forced to stand up and speak.

Measures and methods, should be discussed and chalked out, to extricate the state government from its stupor.

To keep mum now, is to throw the Tamilians to the wolves for ever!

'Now or Never' is no empty slogan. Either the rights of the Tamilians are to be safeguarded now, or we should renounce all claims to decency justice, faiplay and humanity.

There should be an agitation—a joint venture—to open the eyes and mind of the State government.

It may be in the shape of Satyagrahas, peaceful mass demonstrations and the like. It is not the method that is of immediate importance—it is the will that is all important and acutely urgent now.

Mr. Kamaraj, the Chief Minister, is a past master in the art of utilising situations. He rarely creates situations and never fails to get the best out of any situation that arises. Hence if a situation, wherein the Tamilian public of our State stand up, united and determined, championing the cause of Tamilians in Ceylon, Mr.Kamaraj, though he would be irritated during the initial phase, would cash that situation abundantly well, and force Pandit Nehru to bestow his attention towards the problem of Tamilians in Ceylon.

Hence, even those who claim to be the 'defenders and saviours' of Kamaraj ministry need not feel sorrowful, at this.

Something should be done, to drive away the drowsiness that has set in! The State government should be rescued from the clutches, of indifference and inactivity. It should be taught, that to keep calm and unconcerned when the Tamilians are being hunted down, is a piece of treachery and betrayal, that cannot be tolerated.

All parties and public-spirited individuals should consider it their supreme, sacred duty, to stand up and speak—the voice of truth and justice. For, only by such a course, could a cruel catastrophe be averted. The D.M.K., has already contributed its mite towards this mission and is eager and ready to place at the disposal of the public, all the strength that it is capable of mustering, for the mission.