அறிஞர் அண்ணாவின் கட்டுரைகள்


We offer no apology for this new entry—or is it an intrusion? We have no desire to collide with or compete with the 'Already' in this field. In fact we are not much interested in exhibiting a fine specimen in this field, nor do we claim to be fully equipped for this delicate but delightful task—we are interested only in serving those people who have not come under the orbit of the crowned heads in this field. We are here to champion a cause—much neglected and misunderstood—and the cause is the most important reason for the advent of HOMELAND.

'The cause?' We almost hear those on the pedestal ask, in a voice which any student of History can recognize—the voice of Imperialism! 'The cause?' —they almost jeer—and point out with a majesty which Royalties have lost! 'the cause? What, cause? Ye, unlettered boor! We have settled all accounts, solved all problems, in 1947! No cause, remains now— to be championed. The crusade is over and all these ten years, we have been carving and chiselling the Statute of Liberty, the lustre of which delights the trained eyes of Dulls and the Emperor of Abyssinia alike — What cause are you interested in? What cause, have we left over, for you to take up? Wake up Small Man! Wake up and try to see things clearly, instead of enjoying yourself in fanciful attempts' they seem to say.

Most of the members of the fourth estate here seem to have joined hands with the other three, in suppressing the legitimate demands and the aspiration of the "small man" forgetting for the moment that those whom they term as 'small men' do represent a civilisation and culture, history and achievement that was the wonder of the world, two thousand years ago and they are the sons of the soil, the Dravidians.

'HOMELAND'—champions the cause of the Dravidians - voices forth their aspirations and hopes and unfolds to the public the crusading spirit that the D.M.K. is inculcating in the minds of the millions today.

Our aim hence, is to serve as a torch—bearer in this freedom fight, for whatever may be the term used by those placed in pomp and power, we are sure and certain, that History is bound to make note of this fact—that this is a struggle of the subjugated against tyranny—whatever may be the colour that tyranny wears, or the creed that it mouths.

The D.M.K. is not today of the 'unheard of' type—in fact we are informed that the president of the Indian National Congress, thinks it to be a bug-bear, and we were amused to note the other day Mr.Dhebar, alerting his men, about the same. Delhi is blind and deaf to many a problem, but not in this case—the D.M.K. has knocked its way into the citadel, though, they in power commit the same mistake that all those similarly placed have committed—they think that the D.M.K. is an accident! In fact, when some of them try to become figurative, they even term it as a disease of the mind! We are not surprised—there is a wonderful similarity in the thought and language of tyrants—time and clime do not make any difference at all!

The D.M.K. today is very much alive and kicking as the saying goes—and a discerning public have placed a new responsibility on the Kazhagam, by electing 15 of its members to the State Legislature and two to the parliament at Delhi.

No day passes without the public taking the D.M.K. in its fold as it were. Hamlets, scattered alongside of hillocks, are fast becoming the citadels of this new force—the force for the liberation of this ancient land of ours, from shakles. The tiller at the fields and the toiler at the factory, the women with the wail and the old with hunger, the youth with fire in his mind—all are today arrayed against the new Despotism. They know that the tyrant who has got a smile on his face is more dangerous than one who brandishes the big stick. The D.M.K. has succeeded to a remarkable degree, in making the masses understand that the change of Masters has not resulted in a change of life— nay, it has worsened. With grim determination, the D.M.K. is today engaged in the task of rallying the forces necessary for the superb, solemn service for which it has dedicated itself.

Every word uttered and deed perpetrated by those at Delhi, go to prove the truth behind the message that the D.M.K. has been carrying on from day to day with growing vigour—and any new move that the Centre takes, whips up the 'enslaved' to such a degree of information—that we are forced to wonder, whether we are not far too conservative in the timetable that we have prepared for this stupendous task—the task of achieving independence!

Not only Mr.Dhebar—Mr.Bandaranayaka too—seems to be mighty conscious of the growing force—for the Ceylon Government announces to the world, that D.M.K. leaders are not to be allowed to set foot on the soil of Ceylon—in view of the fact that the Tamilians there are mustering their strength for their August struggle. Poor, Mr. Bandara Nayaka! He thinks fondly of course, that the Tamilians there have not got strength enough to carry on the August Struggle! The roaring waves that adorn the patch of the ocean that divides us from our brethren over there, were once the subject matter for sonnets and lyrics for Tamil Poets. Now that we have fallen on evil days, evil tongues do talk mighty disparagingly about us.

D.M.K. seems today, to have created a stir in persons of seemingly mighty build! For witness, the authorities of Malayan Federation, issuing a dictatorial 'No' to the legitimate request of our brethren for the formation of the D.M.K.

All these Big men and many of their sort seem to think that they are hounding out the D.M.K. by these flat ways!! Far from it—the lashes that the tyrant administers creates a sore on the warrior's body—and these sores become so many tongues and speak eloquently.

We shall endeavour to place even before the 'Doubting—Thomases' and the double-faced dummies—the truth as we understand it, with a force which sincerity alone can contribute.

It shall be our endeavour to place before the Andhras, the Malayalis and the Kanarese facts and figures that go to prove the necessity for the formation of a Dravidian Federation.

Truth cannot be suppressed for all time to come—and as Emile Zola points out, "If you shut up truth and bury it under the ground it will but grow and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way".

"Homeland" has taken upon itself the task of doing the spade-work and appeals to one and all to strenghten its hands and give it a stout heart.

The Homeland places before itself this motto, and submits the same to our comrades-in-arm:
Freedom forever!
Truce with oppression
Never, O, never!

(Homeland : 09-06-1957 - Editorial)